Classical System Selected Parts, Excellent Performance


  1. Optical Fiber
  2. Printing Table with Media Suction
  3. Reasonable Heating System
  4. Auto Media Feeding System
  5. Single Printhead Flush Cleaning
  6. Convenient Printhead Protection
  7. High Performance Software
  8. Environmental Friendly


Model F15
Printhead KM512LN(42pl)
Printing Resolution Max 720 dpi
Speed 2pass 130㎡/h
3pass 98㎡/h
4pass 65㎡/h
Media Printing Width 5000mm
Type Vinyl, One Way Vision, Banner, FleX, Canvas, blue back paper (CLP, BB) and so on
Ink Type 4 Color
Capacity 1 Liter/5 Liter
Work Environment Temperature: 20℃-28℃ Humidity: 44%-60%
RIP Software Photprint, Maintop(optional)
Printhead Height 2-4mm Adjustable
interface PCI
Power Single phase 220V/12..W-4900W
Dimension Machine