label printer


automatic paper feeding, 1 to 4 color printing, film coated, die cutting, discard deduction, single sheet cutting

Applicable range
It can be used for printing of labels for various fields such as clothes, medicine, food, electronics, toy, journal number, code number for supermarket and so on.


  • 1.The oblique design and integral casting of printing and die-cutting features high stability, durable operation and less floor space.
  • 2.Convenient operation and easy contraposition due to separation of printing and die-cutting and the die-cutting seat can be adjusted in different directions.
  • 3.The printing speed can be reach up to max. 12000 impressions and the speed is variable and can be regulated at discretion. It is accurate in positioning.  As the mechanical drive of printing and die-cutting is contacted in progressive mode, it can achieve even pressure. For both large breadth grounding or fine characters, it can achieve clear and immaculate with excellent and distinct printing dots and patterns.
  • 4.It uses 220 V and the imported electrical device features less power consumption and strong power. The electric engine and motor are provided with advanced automatic control system, which will stop running and give out buzzing signal in case of no material or upon set value and set cutting quantity.
  • 5.It provides easy service due to the built-in automatic oil supply lubricating system, which will ensure driving parts free of wear and adapt to high speed running in order to extend the service life of the machine.


Producing speed max400PCS/min
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
label max width 100mm(can be raised according to the require)
bottle  diameter Ø25-80mm(standard length is no more than 180mm)
label inner diameter Ø76mm
label outer diameter maxØ350mm
power 220V /380v 50Hz 1500W
Operating pressure 35kg 30L/min
weight 280kg
size 2000*700*1400(mm)