Indoor & Outdoor Feather Blade Banners Printing Service


Feather blade banners are an economical Banner system that are ideal for promotional purposes, they enhance your logo and brand from a distance hence generate more interest to your location , site or store.

Feather Banners – also known as Feather Flags or Telescopic Banners – are ideal for making a visual impact when advertising your brand. Feather Banners are great for indoor and outdoor use and can be used individually or in a cluster.

Banners can be easily interchanged and can be printed single or double sided.

There are a variety of mounting option so all circumstances can be covered.


  • Use anywhere, any time – Quick set up, lightweight and portable
  • Washable and waterproof fabric – keeps your brilliant colour and graphics looking sharp
  • High-impact brand visibility – We make use of world-class printing technology, as well as the highest quality inks
  • Withstands the elements – The materials are all UV resistant; come rain or shine, your brand will remain proudly on display
  • One-side or doouble-side print is up to you
  • Premium carrying bag



Single-sided or Double-sided teardrop flying banners for outdoor or indoor offer great value. Available in 4 sizes: 220CM, 280CM, 390CM and 470CM.

Feather Blade Banners Detail

Banner Height when installedFlag sizePole size


Stronger Flag Pole

Feather Blade Banners-flag pole

Made from fiberglass segments+aluminium, our poles are much stronger than the ones with only aluminium bottom. They are specially engineered to offer greater wind resistance by bending without breaking.

Price for this flag pole



Premium Zippered Nylon(oxford fabric) Carry Bag

Tear drop banner  Carry Bag-01 (suitable for all size 220CM, 280CM, 390CM and 470CM teardrop banners)

A Premium Zippered Nylon(oxford fabric) Carry Bag is included with our Teardrop banners(or you can choose don’t with it). This bag has handles and pockets for your flag, its pole, and its accessories.

Price for this carry bag

QTYFor 220CM & 280CM Flag BannersFor 390CM & 470CM Flag Banners


Base Option

In Ground stake

In Ground stake

In Ground stake-01

  • suitable for use in soft earth, sand or snow
  • made from chromium plated iron
  • 60cm long, Net weight 1KG
  • 20PCS/CTN, 62x20x12CM/CTN, 21KG/CTN

Price for this in ground stake

In Ground stake-02

In Ground stake-02

  • suitable for use in soft earth, sand or snow
  • made from strong plastic material
  • 58cm long, Net weight 0.5KG
  • 1PC/poly bag

Price for this in ground stake



Folding Base

Folding Base-01

Folding Base-01

Folding Base-02

Folding Base-02

Folding Base-03

Folding Base-03

Folding Base-04

Folding Base-04

  • light weight and transportable
  • suitable for indoor use
  • can also be used outdoor but but will need to be weighted or pegged if windy. The water filled weight bag is handy option
Base detailMaterialLongBase flat sizeNet weightPacking
Folding Base-01iron with coating80CM80x80CM1.6KGCarton size: 83×22.5x21CM
Folding Base-02chromium plated iron with zinc98CM98x98CM3KGCarton size: 62×20 x12CM
Folding Base-03(black)power coating iron59CM59x59CM2.8KGCarton size: 62x20x10CM
Folding Base-04(silver)power coating iron59CM59x59CM2.8KGCarton size: 62x20x10CM

Price for the folding base

QTYFolding Base-01Folding Base-02Folding Base-03(black)Folding Base-04(silver)


Metal Base Plate(Square shape base)

Metal Base Plate

  • will securely anchor your banners in most conditions
  • best suited to flat even surface
  • Can be used with weight bags or pegged down for extra security.

Metal base flat size:

20x30CM(4KG) for 2.2 meter height teardrop banners
30x30CM(6KG) for 2.8 meter height teardrop banners
35X35CM(8KG) for 3.9 meter height teardrop banners
40x40CM(12KG) for 4.7 meter height teardrop banners

Price for the metal base



Water filled Weight Bag

 Water filled Weight Bag

  • perfect addition to increase the use of folding base or metal base plate outdoors
  • can hold 12KG water in it
  • 53x53cm when flat
  • Net weight for this base is only 240g

Price for the Water filled Weight Bag base


Of course we also offer custom graphics requirement.

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